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12 June 2012

Workshop 2 on Photochemistry: Techniques and applications + Mid-Term Review meeting

In Bologna (CNR)

  • Agenda day 1
    Workshop on Intellectual Property; ESRs Research Presentation; PI meeting/ ESRs-ERs meeting.

  • Agenda day 2
    According to the grant agreement each coordinator has an obligation to organize a Mid-Term Review meeting which shall be held at the mid-stage of the project.
    The Mid-Term Review meeting’s purpose is to present the results of the project, to discuss good and less good things in the project, to get the feedback from the representative in order to progress in the right direction towards the completion of the project.

    TOPBIO stands as one successful ITN evaluated so far by these reviewers at this stage of reporting. They congratulated the coordinating team and PIs on the efficiency (and stability) of the ESR recruitment, the quality and diversity of the training initiatives (i.e. formal training courses, technical courses, field sessions/training session). The TOPBIO project will figure on the European Commission website as a successful project.

  • Agenda day 3
    TOPBIO School on Photochemistry: Techniques and applications.

    The TOPBIO School had a good success and we had height external participants (PhD students and Post-Doc). Their participation was free and supported by the funds of the TOPBIO Meeting. Four externals scientists have given a lecture.
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