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25 July 2012

Open position - Post-Doc as Laser development engineer (France)


Duration : 12 months

Date : 2013

Location : FRANCE - Pessac (Gironde).

Description :

Amplitude Systèmes is a French SME with about 80 employees, leader in the field of industrial femtosecond laser design, manufacturing and sales. Amplitude Systèmes has been one of the first companies to introduce industrial femtosecond lasers on the market, is recognized as a world leader in its field, and has pioneered many new products over the years. Markets include scientific applications such as cellular imaging, pump-probe experiments or chemical analysis, and high-end industrial applications of ultrafast lasers, from eye surgery and medical devices machining, to process and analysis in semiconductor industry. Amplitude Systèmes has sales in Europe, Asia and the United States. Products include ultrafast Ytterbium diode-pumped lasers, based on crystals or fiber amplifiers, allowing to offer a broad range of products. The opened position concerns R&D activity in laser development. The objectives will be to develop theoretically and experimentally innovative laser architectures addressing emerging markets with specific requirements. The candidate will join a team of experienced researchers, and will be involved in ongoing projects. He will be associated to a European project ITN, Topbio, where he also will have relationships with local academic partners in the use of ultrafast lasers for biomedical applications. The candidate will ideally have already 3 years of experience in the field of ultrafast lasers, with a strong background in laser physics and optics engineering, nonlinear optics and ultrafast phenomena. He will show a solid experience on experimental side, where autonomy and a sense of initiative are required, together with a good ability to join a multidisciplinary team.

Following the EU criteria, the candidate must :

  • be in possession of a doctoral degree
  • the research experience may not exceed 5 years
  • the candidate has not French nationality
  • the candidate must not have resided or carried out its main activity in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to its recruitment.